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The New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network envisions:

  • A strong, inclusive, connected, and collaborative network of people who support and advocate for regional campus food systems  
  • Healthy, local/regional food in all campuses in New England
  • Thriving farms, fisheries and other food businesses that produce, process, and distribute this food
  • Equitable and transparent supply chains for the food purchased by New England campuses
  • Engaged students that understand where their food comes from and take part in decision-making related to campus food systems
  • Food systems education incorporated into all campuses
  • Broader communities empowered and engaged by this network


  • All people should have access to healthy, local/regional food
  • A robust, well-connected regional campus food systems stakeholder network focused on sharing information, connectivity, and collaboration can solve problems and make change more effectively than individuals
  • Understanding the story of their food has the ability to empower and mobilize people to make positive changes in their eating habits and in the food system
  • All workers in the food system deserve fair pay and respectful treatment
  • Sustainable food production, processing, distribution, preparation, and disposal should account for all of the following: a healthy environment, fair labor practices, and profitability
  • Sustainable farmers, fishermen, and other local/regional food businesses create stronger regional economies and communities
  • Creating lasting change requires a culture of transparency, innovation, creativity, failure, and success
  • Food system transformation requires time, momentum, diversity, and resources
  • Students are critical to defining and creating campus demand for healthy, local/regional foods


  • The Network will actively seek and promote all types of stakeholders to participate and connect
  • Respectful discourse and dialogue are encouraged and expected
  • We want to share and learn from both success and failure
  • We will seek to share existing information to address identified needs
  • We will develop new tools and resources focusing on activities that require a network’s infrastructure or support
  • The Network will provide opportunities for peer groups (dining directors, students, chefs, etc.) to connect and also facilitate connection across groups
  • The Network will seek opportunities for collective problem-solving whenever possible


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