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    FINE serves a dynamic network of communities, organizations, and institutions working together to create a just, equitable, and regenerative food system in New England and beyond.

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Pepper Sex: Cross pollination, Hybridization, Selective Breeding and the Genetics and their lessons around sexual reproduction in peppers.

| 3 pm ET | Russell Shea Growers Birch Street Concord, NH 03301

Part of the "Plants & Pints Gardening Workshop Series" from New Hampshire Ag in the Classroom. Specifically for teachers and volunteers during the summer, utilizing the teaching gardens in the Russell Shea Growers Community Garden off of Birch Street in Concord, NH. The workshops will look at a number of hurdles found while creating, maintaining, and enhancing school gardens. Professional Development hours will be available.

We the Land! A Gathering For Indigenous, Black, & Brown Earth Workers, Land Stewards & Farmers

- | Northampton, MA

We the Land! is an invitation to our community to join us for a weekend of knowledge exchange, grassroots organizing, celebration, and ceremony and marks the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust’s first in-person gathering since 2019. 

We The Land! A Gathering For Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian, SWANA & PoC Earth Workers, Land Stewards & Farmers

- | Smith College, Northampton, MA

We the Land! is intended to call in and connect our mycelial network of Indigenous, Black, and Brown land, food, and climate justice activists, as well as healers, makers, and ceremonial holders. We the Land! is rooted in NEFOC’s vision to advance land and food sovereignty in the Northeast region through permanent and secure land tenure for PoC farmers and land stewards in a sacred manner that honors our ancestors’ dreams ~ for regenerative farming, human habitat, ceremony, native species ecosystem restoration, and cultural preservation.